Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's been three long years since I first arrived in this house. Three years since they took me out of the box and set me aside. Three long years of sitting. Waiting.

I could have been useful, you know. I was designed to be a helper at the bassinet. You know, one of those cool gadgets that plays soothing sounds for the baby and lights up at night to guide sleep-deprived parents as they made their way to the rocker.

Instead, I've been sitting around collecting dust. They didn't even put batteries in me. I never had a chance to show them what I could do.

Things are different now. Miss C. spotted me earlier this week and is giving me a shot at doing something big. Something important.

I've got a whole new identity. I'm a baby monitor for Miss C.'s stuffed animals. How cool is that?

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