Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is there a Jedi in the house?

Repeat after me, "Darth Vader isn't interested in toys and books. Darth Vader isn't interested in toys and books."

Miss C. got it in her head today that Darth Vader would be dropping by the house. She's been fascinated with him ever since she spotted his ornament hanging from the Christmas tree. This morning, she spotted him on some bedding in a catalog.

"Maybe Darth Vader like some toys?" she asked her mama with that innocent little smile.

"Maybe he like some books?"

A few minutes later she had us all lined up, awaiting our date with the dark side of the Force.

Nobody say anything to tick him off when he gets here, okay? That means you, Little Miss Sunshine. I don't think he's real big on giggles.